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Our Story

Welcome to the home of premium Caribbean-inspired cocktails!

Our Founder

Tipsy Lady Cocktails was founded by Charleston, South Carolina resident Toni Gilliard in 2019. Toni first envisioned the concept of Tipsy Lady while vacationing and touring the rum factories in Barbados, West Indies. During her tour, she recalled connecting with her ancestors by hearing a faint voice whispering the word “legacy.” 

This connection felt almost instant for Toni, who is of Caribbean descent. “Being able to stand on the soil of the world’s first commercial rum distillery which originated three centuries prior was a blessing and a gift from our ancestors,” she recalled.

With a background in Law, Toni used her forward-thinking mindset and creative flair to develop an all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly canned cocktail line, with a strong emphasis on style, femininity, elegance, and authentic taste.

The Cocktails 

Tipsy Lady’s ready-to-drink (RTD) Caribbean-inspired cocktails celebrate heritage, culture, and spice. Made to match the original taste of signature Caribbean drinks, with premium spirits and original flavors, the results ensure a distinguished, smooth, fruitful, and sophisticated zest. With 12% ABV, they are perfect for a day at the pool, boating, golfing, brunch, special events, or staycations. 

The Name 

Tipsy Lady has very little to do with getting slightly drunk and all to do with “tipping” the scales in the alcohol beverage industry towards acknowledging female ownership. Toni is passionate about cultural diversity, economic empowerment, and merging solid business endeavors. A portion of all Tipsy Lady proceeds go toward supporting youth programs with entrepreneurship initiatives. Additionally, Tipsy Lady strives to strategically align itself with corporations that reflect cultural diversity within communities. 

We say let’s drink to that, so lift your glass or can and say “cheers!”